New pins for our fans

New pins for our fans

Hey guys,

While sailing, we meet plenty of people who are helping us on our way, and who we want to thank with at least some little souvenir. So we ordered these little custom designed #sailingeuropa blue/yellow star pins. They look really nice and since we got them, we are wearing them not only on board of Europa, but also at work, as they actually look pretty cool also on suit or jacket (not sure about wearing them in the UK, where some 52% might get offended lol).

So, if you also want to show your support to the #sailingeuropa, or simply get one of these, just write us an email or FB/instagram message and we’ll make sure we send you one of these pins as soon as we can. 

We will only ask you to pay the shipment (via ), the price of the pins itself is voluntary, we prefer to leave it up to you ;)


PS:  Would be great if you then send us some cool photo with those pins ;)