2018 "European Odyssey"

Since we have full time jobs, we can only sail during our holidays. But this year we have managed to get two full months (July and August) off,  so we decided to go for a small "European Odyssey".  During the winter we said to ourselves why not to sail Europa back to its mythological origins - to the island of Crete. So on 1 July we left Croatia and sailed from Adriatic sea to Italy, then to the Ionian sea to Greece and via Corinth canal further to to Athens, Cyclades Islands and down to Crete.  After that we continued further to Peloponnese and ended our journey in Malta where we will keep the boat this coming winter.  In total we visited 4 countries, 17 islands, 33 ports, and traveled 1600 nautical miles (3000km) at average speed of +/-5 knots (9,3 km/h)...  

Last year we stayed in the Adriatic sea and did some island-hopping in Croatia, between Split and Dubrovnik - a beautiful Mediterranean city with international airport, and many beautiful islands to sail around. You can always check some pics on our Instagram and/or FB... 


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